My sister got married a few months ago and had a baby quickly just after that.

In my eyes, she didn’t love his husband that much and so did her husband, just because the time came, and she naturally thinks she should get married like others. She met her current husband on a blind date. Through the introduction of a mutual friend, they knew each other for a while and then began to prepare to get married.

Less than a month after they got married, she became pregnant, and then the two families were also immersed in the joy of the upcoming baby. I know that she chose to get pregnant quickly not because she particularly likes children but because the time has come and she should do it.

She is 28 years old. In Chinese society, it seems unthinkable not to get married at the age of 28, especially for women. I don’t know if this is a tragedy to her or to the child. I hope I won’t end up like this in the future.